Innovative PDI took existing technology and modified it to develop a solid state, self-contained genset that runs efficiently on natural gas, propane, methane, ethane and hydrogen. About the PDIGenset
Portable Delivery time to most locations can be as prompt as 90 days from the initial order based on the availability of your generator. About the PDIGenset
Adaptable If the PDIGenset's primary gaseous fuel becomes unavailable, the PDIGenset can be modified to continue to operate reliably on an emergency back-up fuel. About the PDIGenset
Built to Order The generator used in the PDIGenset is based upon your needs. All switchgear is custom made for each of our units to make the power dovetail with your existing powergrid or specific requirements. About the PDIGenset
Cost Efficient Because the PDIGenset runs on the cheapest available gaseous fuel, you have the flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions. Propane? Natural Gas? Methane? Your choice Our Services
Easy Maintenance Unlike diesel gensets which require weeks for expensive routine maintenance, the compact PDIGenset can be regularly serviced in hours. Our Services