Undervalued Renewable Energy Play!

Powerdyne International, Inc

The Market:
The global renewable energy industry had revenue in excess of $322 billion last
year, according to MarketLine. Investment in renewable sources of energy to 2030
is estimated to hit $5.5 trillion, representing almost 50% of electricity generation
Powerdyne International, Inc. (www.Powerdyneinternational.com) is a
manufacturing company involved in the renewable energy industry through building
and leasing electrical generation equipment including its own portable electrical
power generation equipment called PDIGenset (which is patent and trademark

Key Investor Points on PWDY:

• Patent-pending technology on its PDIGenset

• Strong Management team lead by industry veteran Dale Euga

• Analyst Report from Murphy Analytics which PWDY is targeting a market in
which large scale economic trends are creating significant opportunity for
alternative sources of electricity generation to be consumed by a wide range
of potential municipal, industrial and commercial clients

• Company stock price was over .08 a share within the past 8 months

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