PDI Power Solutions

PDI Power Solutions

Every PDI Power Solution will be a customized generator set that is designed to meet the client’s unique power requirements including the option for cogeneration (CHPC) and also has the ability to run independent of the grid thus forming an onsite microgrid.

This is accomplished by using a modular design for the integration of all the components of each system. The typical PDI Power Solution is composed of a (gaseous) engine, a high efficiency alternator, a controller for remote diagnostics, monitoring and control of a parallel generator system and a modified cooling system, (options heat exchanger or chiller). All of this is packaged in a secure weather proof/sound attenuated enclosure.

PDI genset also allows application flexibility

Emergency & standby power
Continuous duty prime power
Peaking power
Distributed power – system sited at the user facility
Energy Management System (EMS)

For cogeneration capabilities CHPC (combination heat/power/cooling) a closed loop cooling system is added to the generators with the addition of a heat exchanger and/or chiller. The heat exchanger produces hot water which allows for the preheating of hot water and or steam for heat. The chillers provide the cooling for support of air conditioning or refrigeration needs.

PDI will acquire all the components needed to make a PDI Power Solution and either have them assembled at the generator manufacturing facility or integrated at the client’s site. The modular design approach and interchangeable components allow any element to be switched out as newer more cost effective technology becomes available. PDI believes this gives it the competitive advantage by upgrading a PDI Power Solution with new technology at the customer’s facility without the need of replacing the entire system.

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