Powerdyne International implements aggressive new sales rollout strategy; hires industry veteran, Gene Weaver, to spearhead sales efforts in the opening of the California market

WARWICK, RI – October 7, 2014 – Powerdyne International, Inc. (Ticker: PWDY) today announced it is initiating an aggressive sales rollout strategy under the direction of newly appointed CEO, James O’Rourke, by hiring industry veteran Gene Weaver as the Company’s sales and marketing manager. Weaver’s key responsibilities will be the spearheading of sales and marketing in the California market, a potentially very lucrative opportunity for sales growth for the Company.
Weaver’s expertise includes over 40 years of experience in the Power Industry including PQ Consultant to Vycon Corp, Pentadyne, Capstone Micro Turbine, Technology Corp. and Manager of International Marketing for Cummins Engine Company. He was Vice President of Sales and Marketing in the UPS industry for International Computer Power/Atlas Energy Systems, Power Systems and Controls and Modular Power Corporation and his experience encompasses Industrial Engine and Gas Turbine engines.

“Gene’s body of work and related expertise will be very beneficial to us as we continue to move Powerdyne International forward as we focus on the development of new business which will generate significant revenues,” said James O’Rourke, CEO of Powerdyne International, Inc. “Covering territories such as the California market will be an integral part of our sales and marketing rollout strategy in building a strong, vibrant Powerdyne International for the long term.”

About Powerdyne International, Inc.:
Powerdyne International, Inc. (www.Powerdyneinternational.com) provides power solutions that are designed to be installed in virtually any location worldwide. The company’s target customer will typically use its PDI Power Solution to produce its own primary or supplemental power which is useful in any situation where reliable and cost effective power is needed.

Powerdyne is founded on the ability to produce primary and supplemental power using custom-built gas generators which produces electricity cheaper than existing means. The company expects that the difference between its costs of generating electricity versus its customer’s current cost will result in a substantial savings.

For more information on Powerdyne go to: www.Powerdyneinternational.com

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Powerdyne International, Inc.

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