Powerdyne International Enters $300 Billion Global Renewable Energy Industry!

Global Renewable Energy Industry –A $300 BILLION
The global renewable energy industry had revenue in excess of $322
billion last year, according to MarketLine. The worldwide market for
renewable energy is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth
rate of close to 8.5%, bringing it to a value of almost $480 billion in
2015. This represents an almost 50% increase in five years in terms of
revenue and more than a 25% rise in energy to over 4,200 billion
kilowatt hours (kWh).

And there’s more……

• Renewable energy represents the fastest-growing sector
among energy sources worldwide in terms of consumption.

• Electricity from renewable energy is estimated to reach almost
25% in 2030, up from under 20% in 2006. Renewable-based electricity generation is expected to be second only to coal by

• Investment in renewable sources of energy to 2030 is estimated to hit
$5.5 trillion, representing almost 50% of electricity generation

Powerdyne International, Inc. (www.Powerdyneinternational.com) is a
manufacturing company involved in the the renewable energy industry
through building and leasing electrical generation equipment including
its own portable electrical power generation equipment called
PDIGenset (which is patent and trademark pending).

• The PDIGenset is a self-contained generator using a modified
radial air cooled aircraft engine to drive a 1-megawatt (MW)

• The PDIGenset, runs on natural gas, propane or almost any
gaseous fuel.

• It is compact, lightweight, clean burning, produces low emissions
and is extremely energy-efficient.

• PDIGensets are designed to be installed at virtually any location.

• PDIGenset can be used for emergency back-up power generation
and is useful in any situation where reliable power is needed.
Recent PWDY Company News:

Powerdyne International Forges New Strategic Partnership
with Turning Mill Energy; Enters Rapidly Expanding Renewable
Energy Industry

WARWICK, RI, — Powerdyne International, Inc. (OTCQB: PWDY), a
manufacturing company that builds and leases electrical generation
equipment, recently announced that they have formed a strategic
partnership with Turning Mill Energy, LLC to enter the rapidly expanding
renewable energy market.

Turning Mill Energy, LLC of Sandwich, Massachusetts, is an engineering
procurement contractor that has provided integrated and renewable energy
technology services in North America since 2007. Turning Mill Energy focuses
on the integration and implementation of turnkey renewable energy

Dale Euga, President of Powerdyne International, Inc., stated, “Our
companies will work together to offer large electrical users independent
power generation, on-site. This lowers the user’s cost of electricity without
incurring expensive capital equipment costs.” Mr. Euga noted that, “The need for distributed electricity, using integrated
and balanced technologies, is the key to continuing worldwide commercial

In concert with that vision, Allen Giles, President of Turning Mill Energy,
added, “Our companies believe that on-site power generation movement is in
its infancy. We have positioned our strategic relationship to take the lead in
filling the exploding global demand for energy.”

Over the next twelve months, the companies will work together to identify
opportunities for significant electrical users such as hospitals, schools,
colleges and medium to large manufacturing facilities.

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