Powerdyne International announces letter to the shareholders

Warwick, RI – September 10, 2014 – Powerdyne International, Inc. (Ticker: PWDY)

Dear Valued Shareholders,

Since recently assuming the mantle of CEO at Powerdyne International, Inc., I am writing to personally update you about our company. We are quickly transitioning to better supply the immediate needs of the electrical power market; refocusing Powerdyne to emphasize sales versus development will position us to capture our share of a $50 billion plus dollar market.

Our industry requires delivery of the highest quality, cost effective electricity both domestically and globally. Also, an ever increasing market demand for greener, more reliable electrical power is of paramount importance to our customers.

To this end, Powerdyne offers a unique power solution that is both cost effective and proven for medium and large consumers of power, by utilizing independent power generation and cogeneration of heat, power and cooling (CHPC) as well as establishing micro-grid capabilities. These solutions can be offered at virtually no capital cost for power generating equipment which will be very attractive to companies with limited capital budgets.

Building a sales channel is paramount. This will be achieved by establishing a very focused marketing and sales force. It is imperative that marketing and sales will be customer specific as the cost of delivered electricity varies greatly from state-to-state, city-to-city and even within cities. Our marketing studies have identified the following territories which have higher electrical costs and reliability issues. We will extensively focus our marketing and sales efforts on New England, California and the Caribbean Basin, quickly followed up by Alaska and Northern Canada.

Powerdyne is in the process of bringing on experienced Product Representatives which already have established customer bases in these territories, enabling us to quickly begin marketing, educating, and selling the PDI Power Solution.

In addition, we know that diesel generator sets are now being replaced by more environmentally friendly and efficient gas generators in this rapidly growing market. We are effectively positioned to seize this opportunity to enter the custom-built $50 billion plus dollar gas powered generator market using custom-built generators manufactured to PDI’s specifications. This will quickly give Powerdyne the ability to mitigate utility outages by selling electricity directly to the customer giving them stability and cost savings.

The Company will continue its R&D efforts to evaluate other technologies such as the radial, rotary and turbine prime movers as well as other emerging technologies including alternative fuel types in order to gauge their viability and potential cost effectiveness.

I want to thank each you for your continued support of Powerdyne International, Inc. Now is the time where we will begin to build a fully operational and profitable company. The next few months will be very exciting and I am confident that your belief in our vision of providing greener more reliable and cost effective power for the 21st Century will be greatly rewarded.

Jim O’Rourke
Chief Executive Officer
Powerdyne International, Inc.

About Powerdyne International, Inc.:

Powerdyne International, Inc. (www.Powerdyneinternational.com) provides power solutions that are designed to be installed in virtually any location worldwide. The company’s target customer will typically use its PDI Power Solution to produce its own primary or supplemental power which is useful in any situation where reliable and cost effective power is needed.


Powerdyne is founded on the ability to produce primary and supplemental power using custom-built gas generators which produces electricity cheaper than existing means. The company expects that the difference between its costs of generating electricity versus its customer’s current cost will result in a substantial savings.


 For more information on Powerdyne International go to:  www.Powerdyneinternational.com

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