Powerdyne International announces change in management

Warwick, RI – September 9, 2014 – Powerdyne International, Inc. (Ticker: PWDY) announced today that its Board of Directors has reassigned new areas of responsibility within the corporate hierarchy as a result of the addition of new personnel to the company. The recent addition of Mr. James O’Rourke to the senior staff as Chief Operating Officer and assuming the mantel of corporate operations is believed by the company to be a major development in the enhancement of its operational efficiency.

Mr. O’Rourke brings with him over 30 years of operational management experience in power generating and energy storage industry. He will now utilize his industry expertise and management talent on a daily basis as part of his operational endeavors in Powerdyne International. The transfer of the management and operational responsibilities to Mr. O’Rourke will allow the company president Mr. Dale Euga to focus his endeavors on marketing and client development.

The Board of Directors has been expanded to five members with the addition of Mr. O’Rourke, Robert C. Hemsen and John M. Faulhaber. Mr. Hemsen retired from IBM as Director of Human Resources, Corporate Development – Mergers and Acquisitions. Mr. Faulhaber was the Executive Vice President for the Trust Department for Rhode Island Hospital Trust’s private bank. The company is confident that the addition of Mr. Hemsen and Mr. Faulhaber will enhance the diversity of the Board’s business experience which is vital in effectively growing the company.

About Powerdyne International, Inc.:
Powerdyne International, Inc. (www.Powerdyneinternational.com) builds, leases and maintains electrical generation equipment that is designed to be installed at virtually any location worldwide. Although the company’s target customer will typically use its PDIGenset to produce its own primary electrical power, it can be used for emergency back-up power generation and is useful in any situation where reliable power is needed.

PDI is founded on the ability to produce primary electrical power using custom built electrical generation equipment which makes electricity cheaper than existing means of producing primary electric power. PDI expects that the difference between its costs of generating electricity over its customer’s current cost will result in substantial savings to the customer.

For more information on Powerdyne International go to: www.Powerdyneinternational.com

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Powerdyne International, Inc.

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