About Powerdyne International Inc.

Powerdyne International Inc. (PDI) is a publicly traded corporation and was organized to provide independent, cost efficient primary electrical power. PDI will materially reduce the complexities of electric power requirements with focus on cost savings and a guarantee of power quality for the user.

Powerdyne International Inc. leases self-contained electrical generation units, the PDI Power Solution. Every PDI Power Solution is a customized green generator set designed to meet the client’s unique power requirements including the options for cogeneration (CHPC) and micro grids.

PDI is staffed by individuals with experience in manufacture, marketing and sales of quality, renewable power systems. In addition for compliance and greater market acceptance the PDI Genset would use only gaseous fuels – natural gas and propane would dominate.

PDI Power Solutions marketability extends into multiple markets that include:

Manufacturing – light and heavy, i.e. paralleled units
Transportation centers, i.e., airports
Data Centers – multimegawatt systems

The electrical power market is vast and grid power dominates it. However, there are avenues open to providers such as PDI to bypass the grid and thousands of substations. There are users who have an interest in reducing dependency upon and/or elimination of the grid entirely. PDI enters as the total primary power provider, including flexibility with product customization and jointly acceptable long term power purchase agreements.

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